NLP: Update 1 (Tools, Types, Tutorials)

For my network learning project, I decided that I would learn how to decorate a cake. In my first post, I said that I would begin by conducting research on the tools necessary for cake decorating. Since then, I have read quite a bit about the essentials that one must have in order to be successful.


I must admit that at first, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that was available. It seemed like everybody had an opinion on which tools are best and how a novice should go about her first endeavor. After combing through quite a bit and even cross-referencing between different sources, I settled on one source that I think is pretty comprehensive.

cake decorating tools

Image Source

Image Source

I then turned my attention to the different  types of decorating materials and again, learned that there is quite a variety, so my research went in the direction of learning a bit about each and figure out which I would like to try.  One of my great finds was, “The Science of Cake Baking:  Buttercream vs. Fondant”, which defines each type, it’s advantages and disadvantages.  It even added information about icing.  As I read through the information, I found that I was equally intrigued by, and learned a lot from, the comments posted to the blog.  buttercream vs fondant

Image Source

So, based on the information that I have gathered so far, I have decided to use buttercream as my icing choice for my first decorating experience. Although I really love the look of fondant, it sounds like it can be pretty unforgiving, so I have opted to wait a bit before experimenting with it.

Where do I go next?

I have decided to turned my attention now to watching tutorials made by expert decorators.  I have already found a few great videos and I intend to collect a bit more.

My goal is to decide which expert I would like to follow when I decorate my own cake.


3 thoughts on “NLP: Update 1 (Tools, Types, Tutorials)

  1. Good choice on using buttercream Reggina! Fondant is tricky and requires a layer of buttercream underneath anyway. It makes sense to start with the foundation. You are right about the number of tools being overwhelming. I have a lot of tools I never use. I would recommend a cake turn table. I have 2, one that spins and one that spins and angles for side details. It is really hard to get an even coat if you are move around the cake rather than the cake moving. I love cake decorating so I am anxious to see your results!


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