NLP: Update 2: Tools, Types, Tutorials and Technique

As the title of my post suggests, I have spent the last couple of days extending my knowledge of decorating cakes by focusing on techniques that would help me to be successful when I eventually decorate my first cake. Floral Effect decorating The technique that I will try is one that repeats a circular motion to achieve a floral

Image Source

Below is a video that shows this technique.

What I have learned about online learning is that it is important to always keep looking, searching and digging to get to deeper levels of one’s inquiry.  During my first few searches about technique, I came across information that was decent and would have worked, but I took the time to keep looking for more information, oftentimes, refining my searches and clicking on links to suggested sites.  I then came across a tutorial posted on YouTube that offers really great information about technique–from how to properly hold the piping bag to where the decorating tip should be facing.

Although I plan to create the floral design and not the ruffle, I did find that the information in the tutorial was very helpful. Therefore, another aspect of online learning is that it is important to be able (and willing) to synthesize information from various sources to ultimately support one’s personal learning.

At this point, I believe that I have done enough research to begin my actual decorating experience. Therefore, I will work on a creating a plan, which will include a date, materials needed and procedures to follow.


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