NLP: Final Update

For this update, I have outlined a plan for my final decorating project and shared some ideas of what my final piece will hopefully look like.  Although I know that I still have quite a bit to learn, I feel as though my research has helped me to learn the basics.  Therefore, from here on out, I will continue to practice, refine and extend my skills.  As an example of my attempt to extend, I will be including rosettes on this cake, a decorative element that I have not used before.

Since my husband and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary on August 10, 2015, I think that it will be the perfect opportunity to culminate all of my learning into a beautiful cake. Our original wedding cake was a 4 tier, peaches and cream cake.  For this project, I will not attempt  to replicate that cake, but I will maintain the same flavors and filling.

wed cake

Plan for Anniversary Cake:

Layers: 2

Flavor: Vanilla

Frosting:  Buttercream (See recipe below)

Layers:  Peaches and cream

Design:  The overall design of my cake will be in buttercream rosettes.  In addition to the videos listed in my other posts, I have also consulted the tutorial video below to help me achieve this design element.

Now that I have a plan for my big project, I am ready to begin.  Wish me luck!


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