Exemplar of Digital Learning Hub (Post 1)

This week, I did not have to look very far to find an exemplar of a digital learning hub because I found it in my daughter’s 6th grade class.

Below are some images and attributes of this hub that, in my opinion, makes it effective:


  1.  This is a shared site by four teachers, which exemplifies their collaborative efforts and continuity between classes.2
  2. It is easily navigable with useful links that students will need when visiting the site.3
  3. The information presented on the site is updated and useful for students.  In posting nightly assignments, this hub becomes a place where students will visit frequently.  It can also serve as a place for students to access information if they are absent from school.


4.  This digital hub houses important links to key content, including sites for extra math practice, reading suggestions and computer games.

Other key features of this digital learning hub includes links to Google forms and docs, biographical and contact information for teachers and images that add visual interest, but do not distract from the content.

As a testament to the usefulness of this digital learning hub, my daughter has visited it often and used the information included in it.

Additional Resources:

25 Best Websites for Teachers by Hannah Hudson



One thought on “Exemplar of Digital Learning Hub (Post 1)

  1. Definitely I nice example of a hub. My hub connects to my team’s website, which also has homework for all subjects updated daily. I’ve heard from parents that they like having all of the important information for each class (such as homework) in one place so they don’t have to visit several different websites. I think our team site is geared more towards the parents, while my hub is used primarily by students.


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