Reflection on my Digital Learning Hub (Week 2)

As discussed in my previous post, “Thoughts About Creating My Personal Learning Hub,” I have created a digital learning  hub to use as a tool for my students. During the first week of school, I introduced students to my site and since then, have been posting weekly homework assignments with relevant links.


What I have found is that although some students referred to the site frequently, I had to remind others that their assignments are posted online.  Further, there are some students who have not been using a planner or calendar because they know that their work is posted online.  
Recently, as a part of my presentation to parents at our open house, I introduced my site as a tool they can use to access current assignments. I also noted that I do reserve the right to adjust assignments based on our work and pace in class.  The initial reception was positive.


Over the course of this past week, I have been thinking about extending the function and purpose of my learning hub. As such, I decided to create a page dedicated to resources that will help my students with their study of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Included on this page are things resources such as a full text version of the novel, a link to a PBS interview with author, Ray Bradbury, Sherry Turkle’s TED talk entitled, “Connected, but Alone?”, relevant images and related articles. During the coming weeks, students will be required to use these resources as a part of their exploration of the text.  In the same way that I have culled resources for Fahrenheit 451, I will create pages for my juniors where I will include resources for unit studies.


In addition to including resources to support acquisition of content knowledge, I am also considering adding other information that my juniors would need throughout their year. For example, many of them will be taking the SATs; therefore, links to SAT prep would be helpful. Further, when they begin to write their research papers, my hub can serve as a place to house key documents to support their research process.


One thought on “Reflection on my Digital Learning Hub (Week 2)

  1. And it will continue to grow from here! That’s the great thing about the digital learning hub – it is a dynamic place that you will add content to throughout the year and in future years. Next year, you’ll already have the resources for Fahrenheit 451 up there and be able to quickly update it and add new material. As you start to use the site more in class, students will get used to going to it for everything they need.


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