Website Announcement

Welcome to Mrs. Kailan’s Website!

by Reggina Kailan on December 4, 2015

Site Screen Shot

This website was designed and created to be used as a resource for learning.  While my primary audience is my high school students, I have included content for other audiences, including parents, educators or anyone looking for information about various literary works.

Here Is What You Will Find:

For Students

Nightly Homework Assignments

Class Handouts

Resources Pages for Various Units of Study

Links to Articles, Videos and Images

Multimodal Tutorials

Link to our School’s Homepage

Course Overview and Expectations

Student Content (Nonfiction Book Reviews)

For Parents

Mrs. Kailan’s Contact Information

Course Overview and Expectations Documents

Student/Parent Handbook

For Educators

Lesson Plans

Resources Pages

Multimodal Tutorials

Other Interesting Features

Link to Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day

Countdown to 2016!


Coming Soon:

Resources Pages for many more works including Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Various Memoirs, as well as Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby  and works by Edgar Allan Poe.  Also, keep a lookout for information on the Research Process!

Click here to view site.


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