Google+ Communities Tutorial

Brief Summary:  Google+ Communities is a place where individuals are able to create, find and join groups that suit their interests.  Committees can be public or private and if private, members are able to post content and engage in discussion with other members within that community.  

Follow the steps outlined below to create a new Community:

  1. To create a Communities page, you must be logged into your Google account.  Click on the grid on the upper right hand corner of your Google page.  


  1. From the grid, available Google Apps will appear. Click on G+.


  1. This will take you to the Google+ homepage.  Once there, click on HOME to begin creating the community that you will moderate.



  1. Here, you will see communities that you have joined and others that you may be interested in joining.  It is also where you will find the clickable tab to CREATE COMMUNITY.


  1. This next step requires you to make some decisions.  You will have to choose between creating a public community or a private one.  A public community will be seen by everyone, whereas the activity within a private one is limited to just the members in the community.  Another implication of these two privacy settings is that anyone can join a public community, but a private community requires an invitation to join or an accepted request.  Choose carefully because once you have selected the privacy setting and created the community, you will not be able to go back and change this setting.


  1. Once you have decided on the privacy setting, if you will be asked to select a name for your community. Be sure that this title reflects the essence of your community.  This is especially important if your community is public because anyone who wishes to join should be able to decipher the focus of your community by its title.  
  1. If you are creating a private community, you will also be asked to choose the extent to which your community will be visible.  Choose between hiding it from searches (this is especially good for classroom communities) or allowing individuals to request membership.  Click CREATE COMMUNITY.
  1. You are almost ready to begin moderating this community, but first, there is a bit of OPTIONAL setting up to do:  You may add a descriptive tagline, choose a photograph, discuss the focus of your community in the ABOUT section and add discussion categories.

79. Examples of Discussion Categories for classroom purposes may include dates, unit or book titles. This is a great way to organize the content within this community so that users will be able to easily navigate the community and find information.


10.  It is time to begin inviting members to your community. If you are using this with students, simply type their names or email addresses, as well as a comment inviting them to join and click SEND.


11. If at any time you wish to adjust settings and notifications, click on the appropriate icons and you will adjust as necessary.  


Below is a video tutorial:


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