Technology Tools & Formative Assessment

As I continue to explore the role that technology plays in the learning process, I am finding that there are a number of tools available to support and enrich almost every aspect.  This week, I investigated the area of assessment, specifically formative assessments, and ways in which certain technology tools can go beyond improving–they can begin to transform this aspect of the learning process. At first glance, the wide range of availability may be overwhelming, but I am finding that the best way to proceed is to identify the need to be fulfilled and then select THE best tool to support that need.  Also, it’s important to consider what is available to my students, by way of devices, as well as existing infrastructure. Additionally, I need to be fluent in using the tool, so that I may guide and assist students. I know that when carefully selected, technology tools can be a powerful differentiating tool and as I continue to examine ones that may be appropriate for my students, I will consider when/how I will include time for students to learn how to use the tools. An initial thought is to include multimodal tutorials on my learning hub.  

One of the key benefits of employing technology tools such as Google Forms, Documents, Classroom, as well as Kaizena and Socrative is that students can receive feedback in real time, which offers them opportunities to reflect on, and revise/redirect strategies to further, their learning.  Personally, my work this week reminded me of the value of giving students the opportunity to use formative assessments to direct their learning.  Many times, teachers assume full responsibility of assessing and re-directing, but students need to be familiar with the language and methods of formative assessments so that they ultimately become self-directed and equipped with using the information to further their own learning.

For more information on my learning this week, please view:

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One thought on “Technology Tools & Formative Assessment

  1. Reggina, this Animoto will serve as a great tool to teach people about formative assessment! I love the straightforward language throughout the presentation. It delivers a very clear point. I also think that your list of recommendations for educators is spot on, especially your nod to the SAMR model, advocating for transformation through technology. This presentation will help many educators understand how technology can help with formative assessment.


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