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For the past year, I have been experimenting with two different platforms for presenting my work: WordPress for my blog and Google Sites for my classroom website.  As I think about creating my digital portfolio, I am leaning towards using Google sites as my presentation space.  My decision, so far, is mostly based on one of the overarching purposes for my portfolio, which is to ultimately use it as a model to guide my students through creating their own digital portfolios.  Undoubtedly, the platform that they will be using will be Google Sites and I feel that navigating the same platform makes sense because it will help me to gather information about the process and about certain availability and limitations.  As I learn more about comfort levels, legality issues, etc. with having students post their work online, I am appreciating the privacy controls that Sites has to offer.  I can choose to make my content available publicly or to specific viewers via the shareable link.  Also, I like the idea of being able to adjust the accessibility in the future.  As far as I know, once posted on WordPress, the content is available and if I want to alter the accessibility, my only choice is to delete it.  However, this is something that I will be looking into as I head towards making my final decision.

One of my concerns about Google Site is the limited features for style. Although I can create my own images to include in my portfolio, there are only so many “themes” from which to choose. I did come across WIX, which is something that I will also be exploring further because it seems like it offers a wider range of style elements.


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One thought on “Platform Considerations

  1. Reggina, I am experiencing the same internal debate about Google Sites. I love the functionality but I am concerned about the visual appeal. Eventually I would like to have my students use Google Sites to create a digital portfolio of their writing. I am interested to talk to you more about how you can/have used your own Google Site to model portfolio creation with your students. I have not looked into WIX, but I am interested to see what you learn about the platform! Maybe it will offer you some of the creative freedom that you are looking for.


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