Digital Portfolio Update

And the winner is…WIXAs I continue to work on creating my digital portfolio, I find that I am learning a lot about the process of creating such content and about myself as a user of technology.  With much more confidence in my abilities to utilize technology tools to achieve my purpose, I find myself taking more risks and making choices with the understanding that I am capable of learning what I need to know in order to be successful.  For me, the most difficult decision has been related to the platform on which to house my portfolio.  After reviewing several different ones, including WordPress, Wix and Google Sites, I have decided to use Wix. Originally, I wanted to utilize Google Sites because it would be the one that my students will use to create their digital portfolios; however, since I already have a teacher website, I thought it would be beneficial to learn about, use and hopefully master, something new.  What I have found so far that it I have quite bit to learn about designing a Wix website, including how to make full use of the aesthetic features, ways to display content and link to other digital.  As such, I find myself spending quite a bit of time viewing tutorials.  However, I am happy to be learning something new to add to my repertoire.  

So far, I have decided on the artifacts that I feel best showcase my work in the IT&DML program, as well as my growth as a learner and user of technology tools.  I have collected all of my artifacts and examined them to see a big picture and distinguish categories into which each might fall.  Additionally, I have created my site and have started the designing process.  One question that surfaced for me had to do with the extent to which I should revise my work to display current skills, as opposed to including original content to show my learning and skill development throughout.  I imagine that this question will surface for my students as well.  My current thinking is that since this is a showcase portfolio, it should reflect my best work.  However, when my students create process portfolios, they should have opportunities to include original and revised content, along with reflections about learning, skill development and growth.


One thought on “Digital Portfolio Update

  1. Reggina-
    That is a great point. It is very valuable to demonstrate that our work is that of a “regular person.” We are not tech professionals, but professionals who use tech. If users view our initial work and see improvement in later pieces it may inspire them to try the tech themselves.


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