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My name is Reggina Kailan and I am a high school English teacher.  My passion is to help students create their personal identities  through rich explorations of literature and current global issues.  I also enjoy my role of TEAM mentor to beginning teachers.

As a part of my professional studies, I attended the College of Mount Saint Vincent where I earned a bachelor’s degree in General Education K-12/Special Education 7-12/English 7-12. I completed my master’s degree in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University where my master’s thesis explored the dynamics of family cycles and the role that those cycles play in the adolescent educational experience.  Currently, I am pursuing a Sixth-Year Certificate in Instructional Technologies and Digital Media at the University of New Haven where I am exploring the role that technology plays in instruction, collaboration, assessment and other facets of the teaching/learning experience.



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  1. Thanks Erin! Since I was so young when I moved from South America, I am not sure that I can say too much about that particular system, but I do agree that it’s important to know about other educational practices from around the world. I am looking forward to our work this year as well.


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